AirWatch MDM Setup

  1. Open the Settings icon

  1. Select Wi-Fi on the left hand side.  Then ensure Wi-Fi is turned on.  Select berrypublic underneath the Choose a Network…option.  This wireless network is only available in certain Berry locations.  If the berrypublic wireless network is not available, please proceed with the below instructions by connecting your iPad to your home, or other public wireless connection.

  1. Once connected to berrypublic, you will get an authentication page for internet access. The credentials are:

User name:  airwatch

Password:  AirW@tch

  1. Open the Safari icon

  1. Type in the address bar and press enter. Do not type www in front of the address.

  1. You will then see the device activation page. Click on the link to Download AirWatch Agent from the Apple AppStore.

  1. You will be taken to the Apple Store download/install page for AirWatch. Click on Free, then Install

  1. It will ask you for your Apple ID password before installation can be successful

  1. Once it finishes installing, open the application by either clicking open in the App Store

Or by clicking the home button and clicking the AirWatch icon on the home screen

  1. Once the AirWatch application is open, enter your Berry Plastics email address into the first field and click Continue

  1. On the next screen, type in your network user name and password (same credentials as logging into your computer), then click Done

  1. It will go through an enrolling device page where it authenticates your credentials. Once it gets past that screen, you want to click the Install button on the Install Profile prompt

  1. Another install prompt will pop up. Click Install Now

  1. You will be prompted to enter the device passcode if you have one setup. If you do not have a passcode configured, once the AirWatch agent is installed, it will force you to create one.

  1. Please read the warning message about installing these profiles and if you agree, click Install

  1. Once the profile is installed, click Done

  1. A message will appear stating the enrollment profile is being installed

  1. Once it’s finished you should get a message saying the enrollment is successful. At this message, click continue

  1. You will get prompted to allow push notifications. Select OK.

  1. You should get a screen with information on the iPad. You can now close the AirWatch application.

  1. This completes the steps to setting up AirWatch. It will push the berrymdmprivate Wireless network to your device, which should connect automatically without asking for a password by opening Settings – WiFi – and selecting berrymdmprivate (If it isn’t already connected)

  1. Once you are connected to the WiFi network, you might get a prompt to sign into the Fortinet firewall. Enter the same credentials that you use to sign into your computer