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When you are logged in at, you can manage the employee information in the system. We call them 'hosts' - the people who are available on the kiosk to greet visitors when they check in.

Click on User Settings to see the following screen:

Let's start by clicking on Employees.

Here, you can add, edit, delete or disable employees.

Add: Click the CREATE NEW button towards the right of the screen.

Edit: Click the little pencil icon towards the right of the screen.

Disable: Click the 'pill' button to switch it to grey from blue. Disabling employees makes them 'unavailable' in the kiosk so visitors cannot select them as hosts. This is useful if that particular employee is sick or on vacation.

Delete: Click the trash can button. This deletes the employee's information entirely. You cannot undo this process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When adding or updating employee info, make sure to include their email address and/or cell phone number. Leaving those spaces empty means they will not receive notifications when a visitor checks in!

Next, let's click on Departments and talk about why they're important.

Each employee belongs in a department. Then, departments are assigned to a kiosk. LobbyFox kiosks are designed this way so that you can set up large amounts of employees to be included in specific kiosks. Or, let's say the Management department is away at a conference. You can disable the entire department here as well by clicking the 'pill' icon, making it grey.

At the end of the day, you'll want to set up hosts in your kiosk(s) like so:

1. Create departments

2. Create employees and assign them to a department.

3. Assign departments to your kiosk.

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