8" Temperature Sensor- Essential User Settings - Model YXD-F9

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Please note that this device has already been optimized for best case usage.  The following pages will explain settings used to configure this unit in case changes are needed at a later date. EyeconicTV recommends using this device out of the box with the configuration that it’s been pre-configured with prior to adjusting settings. The changing of these settings could affect device performance.


Client Functions

After opening the application on the device, click the middle mouse button to pop up the password input box and enter the default password: 123456 to enter the settings page.

Application management

The current page displays the login information: local name, local IP (if applicable), application settings, face entry, application information, pass records, and Face database (if applicable)

Application settings

Enter the [Application settings] page, which contains the following function settings:

Things that could  be adjusted/configured here are the following:

  • Device Name and Setting Company Name (if applicable)

  • Temperature Reading Settings

  • Volume Settings

  • Startup Settings (if applicable)

  • Application Information Settings (if applicable)

  • Password Settings

  • Camera Resolution Preview Settings

  • Screen Brightness

  • Restart Time Settings

  • Application Initialization

Device name settings

By default, the device name is the MAC address of the device, which can be modified manually.

This will display if you turn on Application Information Settings. By default, this setting is turned on. For our purposes, we have hidden the information.

Body temperature settings

  • Body temperature detection switch

    • On: During the identification of personnel traffic, the interface will display and broadcast the body temperature value after the face is recognized.

  •  Compensation temperature

    • When the ambient temperature may affect the detected body temperature, the compensation temperature can be set to adjust automatically.

  • Alarm threshold

    • Set an alarm threshold to control body temperature detection. When the body temperature alarm is turned on, the identified body temperature exceeds the threshold and an alarm is issued.

    • The default is 37.3 C or 99.14 F, and only numbers between 30.0 and 45.0 can be entered, and up to one decimal can be reserved.

    • Formula for converting Celsius to Fahrenheit  (0°C × 9/5) + 32 = 32°F

  • Body temperature alarm

    • Control body temperature alarm function You can choose on or off, the default is on.

    • On : When the detected body temperature is higher than the threshold, the interface displays the body temperature and emits an alarm sound; if the body temperature is lower than the threshold, there will be no alarm.

    • Off : No matter the body temperature is high or low, there will be no alarm.

  • Mask detection

    • Control the mask detection function. You can choose to turn on or off this function, the default is off. 

    • On : Recognize without wearing a mask. After recognition, the display style is a red background. Access is prohibited. Please wear a mask. The voice broadcast "Please wear a mask"; wearing a mask can be recognized normally.

    • Off : Does not detect whether to wear a mask during recognition.

  • Stranger Mode - Turned Off by default. Turning On  is recommended to turn off Stranger announcements. 

  • Stranger record - This is an optional parameter if also using advanced services and want to record Stranger detection. This feature is not used on this model.

Volume settings

  • Option to change output sound of voice on device. 

    • The device is currently set to 100 to ensure audio is heard from the device indicating either Pass or Fail.

Startup settings

  • Auto start

    • The application will start automatically when it is turned On, and it will not start when it is turned Off.

  • Application daemon

    • The application will automatically jump back to the playback interface within 30 seconds after closing the application.

    • Turn Off and Close out of the application if you need to access the time settings of the device itself.

  • Application thread guard 

    • When the camera is turned on, if an abnormality occurs, the camera will restart.

Application information settings

  • After setting, the camera displays or hides the bottom information bar in full screen display; default: display, which can be set to show or hide.

Application password settings

  • Enter the login management, enter the application settings after login, and exit the application before you need to enter the set device password, the initial password: 123456.

  • Enter the original password, new password, confirm the new password, and save it to modify the password; the password length limit: 1 6 digits, can not be set to blank.

  • There is not a way to recover your password if it is forgotten. Please document the password if you change it.

Camera preview resolution settings

  • Set the camera resolution when performing face recognition. 

    • The default value is 1280 * 720.

Screen saver brightness setting

Screen saver

  • When face recognition is not required, a screen saver is required.

  • The app starts to display at the homepage, if there is a face recognition, the app will remain on the homepage for 30s

  • When no face recognition is detected, the screen saver will appear within the 30s.

  • Screen saver brightness setting 

    • Adjust the brightness value displayed on the screen saver, drag the set value, and save it.

Device restart time setting

  • Set the device restart time 

    • hour minute (default value 03:00) and 24 hour system. 

    • If you choose to restart, the device will automatically restart at the selected restart time. If you choose not to restart, it will not restart. The default value is to restart.

Application initialization - App Reset

  • The application initialization function will clear all data in the application and restore it to its initial state, including user login information, entered face information, access records, and settings in the application settings.

Exiting the Application to connect to WiFi and adjust Date & Time

  • To exit the application, press the right mouse button two times and enter the password.

    • By default the password is 123456

    • To avoid the application reloading within 30s, you can turn off the Application Daemon. Be sure to turn it back on after you are finished.

After you successfully back out of the application, you will be taken to the device’s desktop

Select the Cog Wheel in the middle of the toolbar at the bottom

  1. WiFi is the first option.  Can connect to automatically set local time.
  2. Scroll down until and under System you will see Date & Time
    1. The timezone determines what the clock will display on the application itself

    • Adjust it accordingly

    • Please note that time on the device will always display in 24 hour format.

To restart the Thermal Scanning Application

  • Click the right mouse to exit out of Settings

  • Click the Up indicator located about the Cog Wheel

  • Click MIPS application

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